Accessories for home and office

  • $28,00

    This is a Hand braided and hand stitched camera wrist strap, made from real leather with comfort and extremly strong. The leather is vegetabled tanned, it will shine and flourish as it is used. Suitable for all classic or modern cameras. Each camera straps are done entirely by hand-stitch. The…

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    This product is exactly 35 pieces of thick leather, each hand stitched together, a superior workmanship valet tray. This product, which stands out with its hand workmanship, is unique. lux and it is a leather tray that everyone wants to have. All parts are cut and joined from vegetable tanned…

  • $28,00

    You can use this origami vase made of high quality vegetabled tanned leather for many different purposes; If you want, as a stylish plant vase or a handy stand to put your pens or brushes on your office table. Note: It will come to you open when you order. You…